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Educational Independence

Recent headlines have caused all of us to cringe at the success of state-run, tax supported pre-schools through universities, and we want out. A hundred years of micro-injuries from compulsory universal basic schooling has damaged the individual’s conscience, the family’s authority, and the integrity of education.

Do you reject tax-funded, socialist schemes like public schools, charter schools, ESAs, and vouchers fueled by the coercive power of the welfare state?

Will you help restore the classical models of freedom education that support privately funded, parent-governed education through traditional schools, micro schools, hybrid schools, cottage schools, cul-de-sac schools, online schools, and home schools which are fueled by the energy of parents, the innovation of entrepreneurs, and the benevolence of scholarships?

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sign The Declaration and gather more signatures.

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enroll in a customer-funded academic program.

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start an educational service that supports life-long learning.

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donate to a scholarship fund for the financially insecure.

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start a discussion about the Declaration in your social media.


Partners joining our fight for educational freedom.

Leigh Bortins
Classical Conversations, Inc.

Michael K. Clifford
Educational Investor

Carrie Adams Woodruff
Foundation for American Christian Education

Lt Colonel E. Ray Moore (retired)
Exodus Mandate

AJ Rice
Publilus PR

Douglas and Nancy Wilson
Communion of Reformed Churches

Diane M. Douglas
Arizona Supt. of Public Instruction (ret.)

Timothy Knotts
Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Lauren Gideon
Freedomship Institute

Rev. Allen Mashburn
GOP Candidate for NC Lt. Governor

Ben McIndoe
Excelsior Payment Systems

Lt Col Richard Hawkins (retired)
Christian Education Initiatve

Marsha Metzger
Parents on the Level

Keith Flaugh
Florida Citizens Alliance

Mark Archer
Fearless Features

Amber Archer
Fearless Features

Patricia Stall
Foundation for American Christian Education

Col Michael Jensen USAF (retired)
Home Schooling Father

April Bortins
SC Public School Teacher (retired)

Melissa Temme

Leigh-Ann Reid
Home Schooling Mother

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Hon. Sam Rorher
American Pastors Network

Christina Murphy
The Martin Foundation

Robert Bortins
Classical Conversations, Inc

Gabriel Rench
Cross Politics

Don Shooter
Arizona State Senator (retired)

Robert L. Luddy
Thales Academy and Thales College

Kelly Kullberg
Veritas Forum

Dr. Meghan L. Griffin
Southeastern University

Kevin R. Novak
Deconstruction the Coliseum

Rachel Jensen
Home School Activist

Brannon House
Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network

Sam Gallucci
Embrace Church

Trevor Loudon
Author of The Enemies Within

Sam Sorbo
Educational Freedom Activist

Abraham Hamilton, III
American Family Association

Maria Hamilton
Hamilton Institute

Curtis Bowers

Rhonda Thomas
Truth in Education

Jana Belcher

Pastor Bill Davis
Vass Baptist Church

Michael and Tamara McCord
Home Schooling Parents

Kristin Nichols
Home Schooling Mother

Elizabeth Stamas
Association of Classical Christian Schools

Ted Baehr

Craig Bergman
Vortex Blockchain

Rod D. Martin
Martin Capital

Alex Newman
Liberty Sentinel Media

Ben Merkle
Association of Classical Christian Schools

 David Horne
Calm Capital

Dr. Nicholas Ellis
Christian Halls International

Garritt and Yvette Hampton
The Homegrown Generation Family Expo

George Grant
Franklin Classical Schools

Ralph Rebrandt
Michigan Lighthouse Ministries

Greg Rhemke
Economic Thinking

Nicki Truesdall
Home School Blogger

David E. Smith
Illinois Family Institute

Christopher Adamo
Author of Rules for Defeating Radicals

Steve Baldwin
Public School Exit

Rev. Rick Stevens
Florida Citizen Alliance

Floyd Brown
Western Journal

Dr. Duke Pesta
Freedom Project Education

Dr. Neil Nedley
Weimar University

Sherry Swigart
Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Susan Shooter
Arizona Dept of Ed (retired)

Pastor Jesse Johnson
Immanuel Bible Church

Dran Reese
Public School Exit

Diedre Johnson
Home Schooling Mother

Jim Clymer
Constitution Party National Committee

Randy Tobler
The Randy Tobler Show

Educational Independence

We, the Undersigned, endowed by nature and nature’s God with certain inalienable rights, do declare that the authority to direct the education of citizens rests with family government and not with civil government. We affirm and declare that a flourishing society is built upon families that are free to exercise those rights in order to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities to future generations, and further declare:

That education, which is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the other, is the natural and proper jurisdiction of family government and not of civil government.

That the bond between man and woman is so sacred, and its effect on their sons and daughters so incalculable, that all institutions are obliged to respect, defend, and maintain that bond.

That all forms of government – self, family, church, and civil – are ordained by God to preserve the life, liberty, and property of its members in accordance with the laws of nature.

Further, to reverse the civil government’s usurpation of the proper functions of family government, we declare:

That both elected officials and unelected bureaucracies must act in accordance with the natural and constitutional limitations that circumscribe the powers of civil government.

That civil governments must make no laws restricting the free exercise of each family to associate for educational purposes through policy, enforcement, or funding, and any such laws or regulations must be removed.

Therefore, to restore education to the proper jurisdiction of family government, we propose:

That citizens recognize their role as members of families and secure and maintain the natural obligations of such including all of the costs and consequences of educational choices.

That family members, with the assistance of voluntary mutual aid societies, support private entities that offer the public a variety of educational resources, services, and scholarships.

We, the Undersigned, in the name of life, liberty, and the responsibilities inherent to the pursuit of happiness, solemnly publish and declare that the establishment of education is reserved for family government, its members, and voluntary associations. For this Declaration, we pledge our support with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.

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